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Frank Lloyd Wright and Moroccan Rugs

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As a Southwestern Pennsylvania gal, Cecile was delighted to learn that almost all of the rugs used in Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece “Fallingwater” are handmade Moroccan. The iconic 1930‘s Kaufmann family retreat in Mill Run, PA, features several Beni Ourain tribal rugs as well as handwoven, intricately embroidered kilims.

Our current collection includes several embroidered kilims by the Moroccan Zemmour and Zainne tribes, similar to the red rug displayed in Fallingwater’s main sitting area (first photo). We hope to acquire some Beni Ourain rugs (second photo) on our next visit to Morocco. If you’re searching for the perfect Moroccan rug for your space but don’t see what you want on our site, send us an email (; our collection includes additional rugs which we offer in other venues and we’re happy to send photos. We’re also glad to take special orders/special requests for particular styles, colors, and sizes.

We marvel at the creativity and craftsmanship of Moroccan rugs. Whether handwoven, intricately embroidered, or hand-knotted, each rug is meticulously crafted and represents weeks or months of the artisan’s life. Each piece is a unique work of art, striking as a rug, wall hanging, or throw. It’s gratifying to know that there is a woman and a story behind each piece, and your rug purchase supports her and her family.