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Inlaid Deco Style Box, Moroccan Thuya Wood


A perfect gift for Art Deco fans! This handcrafted Moroccan Thuya wood box is a stylish and functional accessory. It features rich burl wood accented by ebony-stained and natural wood inlays, and a lovely cedar-like fragrance.


The exotic Thuya tree, native to the Middle Atlas Mountains, has been used for centuries by Moroccan woodcraft artisans. Thuya wood “burls”, the knobby outgrowths of the trunk or branches, produce beautiful and interesting woodgrains which make every piece truly unique. The wonderful cedar-like aroma of Thuya wood lasts for years.


All of our pieces were handcrafted by artisans in the coastal town of Essaouira, close to the source of the Thuya wood, and renowned for its talented woodworkers.


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