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Moroccan Collar Necklace II



MADE OF: Silver metal (content not known)
SIZE: 16 inches long x 5/8 inches wide
OTHER NOTES: Style: Berber, Collar

A simple neckline becomes extraordinary with an elegant Moroccan Collar. This striking necklace was handmade in Tiznit, the "jewelry capitol" of Morocco, using traditional Berber elements in an updated style. Approximately 16 inches long x .75 inches wide. Our handmade jewelry may vary slightly from the photo.


Moroccan-made jewelry is predominantly of Berber origin and style. Berbers, the original people of the area, include numerous tribes, resulting in a rich variation of styles. Traditional Berber jewelry is of silver, as gold is considered bad luck. Berber jewelry is full of symbolism, including protective symbols: Tuareg crosses, the Hand of Fatima, and fibulae; as well as other motifs denoting themes of life, fertility, and infinite cycles, including the diamond (shape), crescents, and spirals. 

These necklaces incorporate traditional Moroccan motifs in updated styles and are handmade in Tiznit, Morocco.


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